Age Groups:
Junior Level

7 & under (7+U) 11 & under (11+U) 14-15
9 & under (9+U) 13 & under (13+U) 16-18

Senior Level

19& up


Diving Events:


1m springboard 5m platform 10m platform
3m springboard 7.5m platform


3m springboard 10m platform10m platform


Levels in Diving:
Lessons (beginners)
Non-competitive level;
Divers in this level have no previous experience;
This level teaches body alignment and fundamental skills that lead to further improvement

Divers in this level compete against other divers from the same level;
Usually divers who have not reached the National level of their age group;
Divers continue to develop their fundamental skills and learn how to perform under pressure during competitions

JO (Junior Olympics)
Divers in this level compete on a National Level;
This level includes all divers who fit the requirements and have the numbers of dives required for National Level;
Divers from this level compete against other divers from the same age group;
This level continues to improve the flexibility, fundamental, and mental stability.

Senior and Masters
Senior and Masters are for ages 19 and up. Seniors is for college or Olympic quality divers. Masters is for adult divers who want to continue in the sport.


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